About Iris


Iris Sekoff-Zalvin is an innovative interior designer who reads her clients well by listening to them and observing their lifestyles.  She visualizes their wishes and creates an individualized and unique environment that reflects, as well as expands upon her clients’ visions.  Ms. Sekoff-Zalvin summarizes her philosophy by stating; “Making space functional and inviting is the essence of interior design.” 

All styles are her forte.  She works with traditional, transitional, eclectic and contemporary styles in projects ranging from single rooms to entire homes.   As she says, “I sometimes like to bend the rules and reinvent a space.  My projects stand the test of time so that they look as great in ten years as they do today.”  

All aspects of design intrigue Iris and she specializes in paying attention to the minutest detail.  She especially likes being an active part of the construction phase of home renovation and works closely with architects, contractors and landscapers to assure that her client’s home will be everything they could wish for and more. Client satisfaction is a true test of a good interior designer.  Iris’s following speaks for itself.  Because of her keen eye and impeccable taste her clients keep coming back.